How Can I Request a Quote or Estimate from a Printing Company?

Printing projects come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike. Working with a dynamic Denver printing company will usually get you lined up for the best results, but it’s also important to do your homework. Finding the right mix of experience, craftsmanship, creativity, customer service and budget can be tricky, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right experience, as well. 

When comparing prices between printing companies, it’s important to remember that not all printing companies are created equal, and sometimes the cheapest quote will get you the cheapest result. However, that shouldn’t stop you from looking for the best combination for your particular project. Getting quotes or estimates from printing companies is part of the deal, and there are a few things to consider to make sure all your bases are covered. 

Organize Your Project Details 

It’s important that you know all the details of your printing project before finding estimates. This means the type of printing you’re looking for, the number of items that need to be printed, paper type, color, size, and if you need finishing options like lamination. Having all of these specific requirements detailed early will prevent the surprise of added costs popping up later. Providing a brief description of your project with any special instructions will also go a long way in giving the printer the necessary information. 

If you have any digital files for your project, share them with the printing company. This will give the printer insight into the complexity of your project and help with a more accurate quote. This will also help you clearly communicate the details of your project to the printing company, allowing them to cover all the relevant aspects. This will also offer good information to the printer in regards to the quality of the prints, as well as color options and other details. 

Communicate Questions or Concerns

Clearly communicating the details of your project – from the types of printing to your timeline – will make sure everything gets covered. The more information, the better. Customer service is a major differentiator between printing companies, and they should be able to answer all of your questions and give you other insight into your project. Asking questions and offering insights should be welcomed by the printer, and give you an indication as to how it will be to work with them throughout your project. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations about aspects of the printing process. The printing company will likely be able to suggest options that will suit your particular needs and budget. Ask about the estimated turnaround time – especially if you have a specific deadline – and clarify the terms and conditions of your payment. The printer should be forthcoming with all of this information, and there shouldn’t be any questions surrounding the estimate. 

It’s important to know what to expect with your printing project, and to have the customer service to communicate with you throughout the creation of your printed items. For more information on printing projects and how important customer service is during the process of getting quotes or estimates, reach out to the experts at Cottrell Printing today.

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