How to Choose the Right Paper Type and Weight for Your Printing Project

When you have a printing job, you might want it to be as simple as giving your file to the printing professional and getting the work done.

But then you must answer a question that’s not so simple: what type of paper do you want your job printed on?

If you’re confused about which paper is best for your printing project, you’re not alone. Numerous individuals are uncertain about their paper choice when asked the question. Professionals in the printing industry believe the best approach to helping people is to give them all the info they need to make an informed decision about their jobs.

It can be difficult to know all the various paper types and weights for printing. Possessing some knowledge of the common paper types can help you know why one type and weight of paper is better than another one. Check out these tips on how to select the correct type of paper for your printing project.


When it comes to pounds, the word essentially means how much paper weighs. The thicker the paper stock is, the bigger the weight is going to be. For instance, bond paper weighs approximately 20 to 80 pounds. Heavier card stock weighs around 50 and 140 pounds. Paper weight is calculated not by an individual sheet, but by a ream which is typically 500 sheets.


Points rate the thickness of the paper rather than the weight, which don’t always match directly to each other. Using points to establish paper thickness is more scientific, than using instruments to calculate the thickness. 

The greater the point value, the thicker the paper. While this might not seem important when measuring up numbers to numbers, it becomes very apparent in the completed printed product.

Bond Paper Types for Print Jobs

Lightweight Bond Paper

Lightweight bond paper is a budget-friendly, versatile option for everyday printing needs. It’s widely used for office printers and copiers, making it an excellent choice for printing faxes and emails, as well as making copies without having to spend a lot of money.

Creating stationery and letterhead is another common use for lighter-weight bond paper. Additionally, lightweight bond paper works well in high-speed copiers, delivering clear, neat copies even at a rapid speed.

Mid-Weight Bond Paper

Mid-weight bond paper is a multipurpose solution for an assortment of printing needs, serving as an excellent choice for creative and office usage.

This paper type provides the perfect balance of professionalism and durability. It’s best for:

  • Double-sided reports
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Legal documents

Mid-weight bond paper is an essential part of any workplace.

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